privacy statement

privacy statement
Some important notes:
The customer of aim agrees to the collection, processing, and use of their data
Data requisite shall be stored to complete the transaction
Naturally, we will treat all your personal data with discretion
Personal data will not be forwarded to a third party without your express permission 
You will find more detailed information below
At aim we respect your online privacy rights and also recognize the importance of the protection of your personal details. We provide you with this information to fully inform you of our Privacy Policies. By visiting our webshop at , you are consenting and accepting of the described practices here in our Privacy Policy. 
What kind of personal information will we collect from you?
When placing an order or registering for a service the collection of personal information will take place. As soon as you place an order with us, we will hold the personal information we need to complete your order. This includes your name, email address, home address, shipping and credit card billing address. Your credit card information shall not be shared with third parties, we will only use it to process your order with our Payment Service Providers systems. 
However, when registering you are aware that you are consenting to the collection of your personal data. 
In order for our site to work optimally, the website uses cookies. These are small files send to us by your computer or another device that we can access when you visit our webshop in the future. You can delete any cookies that we sent or were sent earlier by other websites by going to the settings of your internet browser and delete your history and cookies. For more information on cookies and how to control and delete them visit . We do like to remind you that when you disable and/or delete your cookies in the future you may not use our site in its most optimal way. 
How will we be using your information?
The main purpose for collecting your personal details is to process your order and payment. Additionally, we use your personal details to manage your account, to deliver and fulfill your orders. Your personal information may be disclosed to a fraud prevention agency of a credit card company and they may keep a record of that information. In the case where we are legally obligated to disclose any relevant information to the authorities, we shall do so. 
We frequently send our customers aim’s marketing updates but only with your requested updates. We will not sell your personal information to any third-party marketing company. Finally, we collect information about our site traffic, wish list, sales, and any commercial information, which we can use to improve our site. 
Questions and concerns
Do you have any questions or concerns about your personal information and how we handle it? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care at